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Attachment Infused Addiction Treatment Outpatient Program (AIAT)

When vodka makes more sense than people!

A treatment approach based on a simple proposal: individuals develop a secure attachment to substances to self-soothe in the absence of adults who cannot see and hear us accurately. AIAT is designed to shift the attachment from substances to people. 




New individualized program, now taking referrals!

If you have tried more  traditional substance use treatment approaches and haven’t been successful,  primarily because people stress you out if you aren't loaded, YOU are OUR Kind of Person!

Substance Use Disorder is a Medical Disorder, and requires a Biomedical Intervention. Adding this state-of-the-art tool can make the difference in your ability to develop awareness of your physical responses to cravings and learn to connect a physical sensation with an emotion or thought. We are partnering with OverSightMD to offer a unique medical monitoring system to support the recovery process you have started.













The OversightMD dashboard offers a biomedical tool (actual monitoring stickers on your body that provide "real-time" data to a nurse and case management team who can reach out when they see physical changes that often indicate vulnerability to an impending relapse.

The Attachment Infused Addiction Treatment (AIAT)  model is based on a simple proposal: people develop a secure attachment to substances to self-soothe when key adults can’t see us or respond to our needs accurately. When we are not seen and heard accurately, we don't learn to see and hear ourselves clearly. The AIAT model is designed to give you insight into your own physiological and relationship patterns and offer tools to manage your internal discomfort without using substances,

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