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Mary McCloy, RN, MFT

Connections Counseling Associates


I am a Licensed Marriage and family Therapist , Registered Nurse and one of the founding members of Connections Counseling Associates. I help clients help themselves to make the rest of their lives the best of their lives by learning new insights and approaches to handle their issues and problems. I am client goal centered. I work with individuals and couples with issues around food and weight, anxiety and fears, stress, depression and substance abuse serving ages 14 and older. I have an eclectic approach with emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy, tools from dialectical therapy and positive psychology and use of community support groups. By working with underlying problems of anxiety, fears, worry and stress clients can discover new insights and develop new practical approaches and coping mechanism and release what is no longer working.


When outside the therapy world I like to sing in groups and be a Tour Guide especially in San Francisco.


Contact Information:


1710 Hamilton Ave Suite #4

San Jose, CA 95125


(408) 448-0333 Voice Mail (408) 656-6048 Cell


Demetria Iacocca, M.A., LAADC


As a Licensed Recovery Counselor, for the past 20 years, I specialize in working with addicts in the recovery process as well as their families. Understanding the changes that are required, is key to learning how to reach out and support each other. I provide education about both addiction, recovery and the social aspects of substance abuse


Addiction and Recovery Counseling is for anyone who feels that alcohol or drugs are affecting them negatively. I work with, individuals, couples and families to help them develop plans for reaching recovery goals and making positive changes in their lives. It is an opportunity for families to learn about addiction and the behaviors that go along with it. I help families understand what role they play in their loved one’s addiction and recovery.


It’s important to remember that removing substances is only a first step in making this important life change; behaviors, fears and habits are harder to change. As a licensed addiction counselor, I will help you identify these aspects, develop a plan for change and move in the direction that will work best for your individual recovery process.

Please look me up on at Iacocca or my website at


Mary Crocker Cook, Ph.D. D.Min., LMFT, LAADC Lic#MFC24385

Connections Counseling Associates

Clinical Director,  ABAT Outpatient Treatment

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor who co-founded Connections Counseling Associates with mary McCloy in 1993. I have been practicing since 1988. In addition to my clinical work, I developed and continue to coordinate the San Jose City College Alcohol and Drug Studies Program. 

I have always maintained a professional balance between providing indiidual and couples therapy in my general mental health practice, and working in and creating addiction treatment programs. This means that I have developed a "bridge" mentality between the mental health and addiction treatment world that affords me a unique window into the services I offer.

I have an extensive resume, which you can find at for more information. 

Contact Information:

1710 Hamilton Ave, Ste #8

San Jose, CA 95125

(408) 448-0333 Voice Mail OR

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